Research Facility : BIOSAFETY LEVEL-3 LAB

Biosafety level-3 lab

A state-of-art BioSafety Level-3 (BSL-3) Facility is established in NCR Biotech Science cluster. The facility is constructed within an area of around 1900 square feet as per DBT guidelines and international norms. The facility has two independent modules for handling infectious agents such as bacteria and viruses. The facility comprises of dedicated lab suites, animal holding areas, procedure rooms, common instrumentation room to maintain unidirectional workflow. The facility is equipped with all necessary equipment like type II B2 biosafety cabinets, aerosol inhalation exposure system, multimode readers, trinocular microscopes, CO2 incubators, deep freezers, roller bottle incubator, incubator shakers, IVC cages, homogenizers. BSL-3 facility is intended to serve as a national resource platform for development of vaccines and drugs against various existing & future infectious agents and is open to “Academia & Industry partners”. The animal models have also been standardised to study pathogenesis of various bacteria and viruses.

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The centre/facility is open to providing services to academia and industry. For any queries, contact the following

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Dr. Ramandeep Singh
 0129- 2876305