Dr. Jayanta Bhattacharya
Dean and Executive Director (Additional Charge)

Translational Health Science & Technology Institute (THSTI) was established in 2009 with a vision to translate fundamental concepts and research-led innovations that can lead to develop better public health intervention strategies. Since then, the primary goal of THSTI has been to encourage scientific research to generate new information, find potential pathways, investigate novel targets, develop innovative diagnostics, and devise effective interventions that can advance and enhance public health intervention strategies. Towards this endeavour, THSTl's scientific strategy encompasses (a) integration of multidisciplinary team of researchers inclusive of clinical research scientists, biologists, physicists, mathematicians and structural biologists who work in tandem in a complimentary manner on important areas of biomedical importance that are particularly relevant to India and LMICs and (b) engaging in deliberate and meaningful collaborations with a diversified network of local and global partners to promote an innovation ecosystem that can facilitate, accelerate and formalizes the course by which our cutting-edge discoveries can be converted into commercially viable, affordable products for interventions for those who need them the most. THSTI also nurtures PhD scholars by providing ample exposure in the basic and clinical research areas and training in their chosen speciality areas in preparation for research on diverse areas and help prepare them to become future scientists and entrepreneurs. Our goal also is to develop resilient, agile, and readily adaptable next generation physician and non-physician scientists, innovators, entrepreneurs and educators who are best prepared to lead and flourish in their future professional careers and best serve the nation.