ERID’s mission is to support and facilitate innovation in the translational research setting at THSTI in a one-stop service platform and enhance the organization’s profile to the rest of the world.

Goals/ Objectives
  • To create a conducive system of innovation management.
  • To create a transparent machinery of proper implementation of biosafety, environmental safety, animal & human ethics.
  • To create a support system for extramural fund generation and build effective investor relations.
  • To create an effective communication to enhance the profile of the organization.
ERID Structure

Significance of ERID at THSTI
  • ERID will provide support throughout the lifecycle of a THSTI research project. Its functions include supporting PIs in finding funding, receiving biosafety approval, human / animal ethics approval, negotiating and approving research contracts, meeting grant requirements, and disseminating the scientific results
  • ERID will bring together R&D facilitation and communications functions under one umbrella as a “one-stop service point,” to ensure quality research, policy compliances, increased administrative efficiency, timely completion of study reports and effective technology transfer or licensing, and also effective communication to create a significant impact to the outside world.