Right To Information


Information Under Section 4(I)(b) of RTI, 2005


S.No. Compliance Para Compliance sub-para Compliance Information
1. Particulars of its organization, functions and duties (i) Name and address of the Organization Translational Health Science and Technology Institute, Faridabad
(ii) Head of the organization Executive Director, THSTI
(iii) Vision, Mission and Key objectives Please refer MOA
(iv) Function and duties MOA
(v) Organization Chart Organization Chart
(vi) THSTI Committees THSTI Committees
2. Duties of officers and employees   Duties and Responsibilities
3. Procedure followed in decision making process Final decision making authority Executive Director or official nominated by the Executive Director
Related provisions, acts, rules etc. THSTI Bye-lawsRecruitment Rules
4. Norms for discharge of functions   MOARules &Regulations and THSTI Bye-laws
5. Rules, regulations, instructions manual and records for discharging functions


  MOA,  Rules &RegulationsTHSTI Bye-lawsEqual opportunity policy for Persons with disabilities  and Govt. of India orders issued from time to time
6. Boards, Councils, Committees and other Bodies constituted as part of the Public Authority   Please refer
Governing Body
Society Members
THSTI Committees
Finance Committee
Scientific Advisory Committee
7. Directory of officers and employees along with the phone numbers and email id   Please Refer ‘People’ tab on THSTI website’s homepage
8. Monthly Remuneration received by officers & employees (i) List of employees with Gross monthly remuneration Monthly Remuneration
9. Name, designation and other particulars of public information officers (CPIO) (i) Name and designation of the public information officer (PIO), Appellate Authority & Transparency Officer with designation phone number and email id. Dr. Susmita Chaudhuri,
Assistant Professor & Public Information Officer,
Translational Health Science and Technology Institute,
NCR Biotech Science Cluster,
3rd Milestone, Faridabad – Gurugram Expressway,
PO box #04, Faridabad – 121001
Email - susmita[at]thsti[dot]res[dot]in

Dr. Amit Kumar Pandey,
Associate Professor & Appellate Authority,
Translational Health Science and Technology Institute,
NCR Biotech Science Cluster,
3rd Milestone, Faridabad – Gurugram Expressway,
PO box #04, Faridabad – 121001
Email - amitpandey[at]thsti[dot]res[dot]in

Dr. Guruprasad Medigeshi,
Professor & Transparency Officer,
Translational Health Science and Technology Institute,
NCR Biotech Science Cluster,
3rd Milestone, Faridabad – Gurugram Expressway,
PO box #04, Faridabad – 121001
Email - transparency[at]thsti[dot]res[dot]in
10. No. of employees against whom Disciplinary action has been proposed/ taken No. of employees against whom disciplinary action has been
(i) Pending for Minor penalty or major penalty proceedings


(ii) Finalised for Minor penalty or major penalty proceedings NIL
11. Programmes to advance understanding of RTI   Covered during the weekly sessions held by THSTI Administration

Transfer policy and transfer orders

  Not Applicable
13. Balance sheets of previous Financials Years   Balance Sheet (2009 - 2010)Balance Sheet (2010 - 2011),
Balance Sheet (2011 - 2012)Balance Sheet (2012 - 2013),
Balance Sheet (2013 - 2014)Balance Sheet (2014 - 2015),
Balance Sheet (2015 - 2016)Balance Sheet (2016 - 2017),
Balance Sheet (2017 - 2018)Balance Sheet (2018 - 2019),
Balance Sheet (2019 - 2020)Balance Sheet (2020 - 2021),
Balance Sheet (2021 - 2022)Balance Sheet (2022 - 2023),
14. Foreign and domestic tours (i) Foreign and domestic Tours by ministries and officials of the rank of Joint Secretary to the Government and above, as well as the heads of the Department.

a) Places visited
b) The period of visit
c) The number of members in the official delegation
d) Expenditure on the visit

Foreign and domestic tours
(ii) Information related to procurements Please see ‘Tenders’ page under ‘Notification’ tab on THSTI homepage and CPP Portal

Discretionary and non-discretionary grants

(i) Discretionary and non-discretionary grants/ allocations to State Govt./ NGOs/other institutions Not Applicable
(ii) Annual accounts of all legal entities who are provided grants by public authorities Not Applicable
16. Particulars of recipients of  concessions, permits of authorizations granted by the public authority (i) Concessions, permits or authorizations granted by public authority Please see Recruitment and tender notices
17. CAG & PAC paras CAG and PAC paras and the action taken reports (ATRs) after these have been laid on the table of both houses of the parliament. Nil
18. Particulars for any arrangement for consultation with or representation by the members of the public in relation to the formulation of policy  or implementation thereof   Not Applicable
19. Are the details of policies / decisions, which affect public, informed to them   Not Applicable
20. Dissemination of information widely and in such form and manner which is easily accessible to the public   Through website www.thsti.res.in
21. Form of accessibility of information -Annual Report   Information manual/handbook available in Electronic format in English and Hindi languages from FY 2010 till current FY. List of Annual Report
22. Information available in electronic form   Please refer THSTI’s Website
23. Particulars of facilities available to citizen for obtaining information Name & location of the facility THSTI,  3rd Mile Stone, Faridabad-Gurgaon Expressway, PO Box #04, Faridabad - 121001 (HARYANA)
Working hours of the facility 9 AM to 6 PM
(i) Contact details THSTI Front Office, 0129-2876300 and 0129-2876350
24. Receipt & Disposal of RTI applications & appeals Number of applications received and disposed 56
Number of appeals received and orders issued 14
25. Replies to questions asked in the parliament Number of questions asked and replies given 17 replies have been given in the period 2021-22
26. Item / information disclosed so that public have minimum resort to use of RTI Act to obtain information   All tenders and recruitment related matters fully made transparent