Fourth National Workshop on Regulatory Compliance for Accelerating Innovations at NIPER, Hyderabad

16 Jul 2020

CDSA along with DBT, BIRAC, CDSCO conducted its fourth among the six national workshops on regulatory compliance for accelerating innovations with NIPER Hyderabad on May 2019. This was attended by all stakeholders. Both Dr. Alka Sharma (DBT) and Dr. Eswara Reddy (CDSCO) addressed the august gathering from New Delhi. Dr. S. Rajesh from NITI Aayog interacted with all participants at the meet. In attendance were 111 participants from 54 institutions (primarily innovators, start-ups, pharma companies, medical professionals, among others). All innovators were given a platform to directly interact with the regulators. This unique opportunity is believed to provide more clarity and seek better cognizance essential for accelerating innovations in the biomedical space in India.

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