THSTI hosts Dr. Trevor Mundel, President for Global Health, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

16 Jul 2020

No other country among the world's emerging economies has the same combination of world-class biomedical research, effective translational research expertise, capacity to design and implement highly powered clinical trials, and capacity to produce health products that meet the stringent regulatory standards of the World Health Organization (WHO)", said Dr. Trevor Mundel, President of Global Health, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation a day before his visit to THSTI during a lecture on the role India can play in the global effort for reaching the Sustainable Development Goals. His visit to THSTI was significant given the Foundation’s long-standing support for different projects at THSTI, primarily research focused on vaccine development and maternal & child health. After a quick roundabout around THSTI and RCB facilities, the Executive Director, Dean (Clinical Research), faculty and scientists presented an overview of work at THSTI and specific thematic areas.