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Principal Scientist-i
+91-129-2876489  (+91-129-2876489)
sasthana [at] thsti [dot] res [dot] in
PhD in Computational Biophysics, University of Cagliari, Italy
MSc in Bioinformatics, University of Allahabad

It's an honour and previlage to evaluate a competative National level Drug Discovery event against COVID-19 that is Drug Discovery Hackathon 2020 (DDH2020)as an field expert

DDH2020 platform welcomes all those who wish to join the open source drug discovery Hackathon against Covid-19. DDH2020 is a joint initiative of AICTE, CSIR and supported by Office of Principal Scientific Advisor, Govt. of India, NIC and MyGov. DDH2020 vision and mission is to establish ‘Open innovation Model’ for in silico drug discovery against Covid-19 virus and will cover the various processes in drug discovery, including but not limited to, in silico screening of molecules, lead optimization and identification of drug-able non-toxic targets. The targets/tools/lead molecules identified through the process of DDH2020 will be further taken forward for synthesis followed by subsequent steps in routine drug discovery program.


Research Interest:

A major challenge in computational molecular biophysics is to discern rare, short-lived, intermediate conformations that proteins access when it binds with various signaling partners, and perform modulation via inhibition or catalysis. We are applying computational biophysical and structural bioinformatics techniques to characterize the conformational sub-states and discern the intermediate conformations and residence time that are relevant for protein function, including molecular recognition and signaling process. The overall goal  is to improve atomic level understanding of protein-ligand, protein-nucleic acid, protein-peptide and protein-protein interactions using computational models and tools to perform computational microscopy towards therapeutic intervention. 

Research Experience

Research Scientist (2019-2020)

Non-communicable Diseases (NCD), THSTI

Scientist C (2014-2019)

Drug Discovery Research Center, THSTI

Scientist (2013 - 2014)

National Institute of Pathology

Indian Council of Medical Research

Safderjung Hospital Campus, New Delhi.


Post-Doctoral Associate (2012 –2013)

Department of Physics, University of Cagliari, Italy.


Post-Doctoral Associate (2010 –2012)

Department of Biomedical Science, University of Cagliari, Italy.

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1.     2015 – CBCADD, Young Investigator Award, IITG.

2.     2015 – DST-SERB Early Career Young Scientist Award.

3.     2012 – International Young Scientist Grant, Regione della sardigna, Italy.

4.     2011 – Young Investigator Best Poster Award, WATOC, Spain.

5.     2011 - Young Researcher Travel grant from the Federation of European Biochemical Societies (FEBS).

6.     2011 – Young Researcher Award, Italian Society of Virology (SIV), Rome.

7.     2010 – CECAM Young Scientist Travel Grant, Italy.

8.     2010 – EMBO Young Scientist Travel Grant, France.

9.     2008 – Young Researcher Travel Grant, University of Redbound, Holland.

10.  2008 – UNICA PhD Grant, University of Cagliari, Italy.

11.  2006 – Selected as young Indian researcher in International MIUR fellowship, Italian Gov. of Science and Technology, Ministry of Science and Education, Italy, 2006 to 2008.

12.  2005- IARI-SRF

13. 2000- Gold Medal, BSc, VBS Purvanchal University.