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Governance: Finance Committee

S. No. Name of the Officials Affiliation
1. Financial Advisor, DBT Chairperson (Ex-Officio)
2. Executive Director, THSTI Member (Ex-Officio)
3. Deputy Secretary (Finance), DBT Member (Ex-Officio)
4. Dr. Alka Sharma, Scientific Coordinator-THSTI Member (Ex-Officio)
5. Executive Director, RCB Member (Ex-Officio)
6. Dr. B. Ravindran, Former Director, ILS, Bhubaneshwar Member (Nominated)
7. Dean, THSTI Member (Ex-Officio)
8. Administrative Officer (F & A), THSTI Member (Ex-Officio)
9. Head-Administration, THSTI Member-Secretary (Ex-Officio)