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What We Do

Translating knowledge for health care is what we strive to do. THSTI integrates multidisciplinary scientific teams from the fields of medicine, science and technology for harnessing translational knowledge. The process is directed towards the production of biomedical innovations for use in various phases of health care. Since human well-being is at stake the endeavor also involves scientifically extra mural specialties including Regulatory and Advocacy. A concerted global effort is focused on developing health technologies to benefit the most disadvantaged people. These populations require economically viable health care solutions.

Synergizing multiple disciplines of knowledge is a constant process at THSTI. Networking with leading institutions, national and international, is routine to fast-track multidisciplinary translation of ideas from the laboratory bench to the bedside and vice-versa. The benefits of these efforts are meant for the community.

THSTI strives to be the country’s premier organization for translational research.