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Academics : Short-term Training

Short-term Training Program for External Undergraduate and Graduate Students at THSTI

The following document outlines the structure of the Short-term Training Program (STTP) for external students seeking to complete their Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis or dissertation at a research laboratory at THSTI. Institutional guidelines for the implementation of this program are listed below.

Program Structure:


  • The program will offer in-house training for a minimum of 6 months and upto a maximum of 12 months.
  • Students may join the Institute at any time after acceptance into the program as per their mutual agreement with the host P.I. and obtaining permission from their degree-granting institution.
  • However, a minimum work period of 6 months in the host lab at THSTI will be mandatory for the student to qualify for certification of the project or thesis by THSTI towards the completion of the degree.
  • Students wishing to stay for more than 6 months may do so on the recommendation of their host P.I. and after providing adequate justification for the reason for extension. Approval of the Academic Dean and completion of the required formalities (including advance payment of pro-rated fees for the extension period) are required. Extension will not be granted for any stay beyond the 12 month limit of the program for any reason.


  • The program will accept well-qualified Master’s (basic/life sciences, biotechnology, pharmacy and engineering) level students seeking to fulfill their degree requirement of completing their final year research project, thesis or dissertation at a research institution.
  • Bachelor’s level students (e.g. from engineering, medical, pharmacy, veterinary backgrounds) may be eligible if they have similar degree requirements and if there are P.I.’s willing to host them at the Institute.
  • Students with a first-class in the Bachelor’s degree and in their first year of the Master’s program (or in the 3rd year in case of Bachelor’s students) from any well-recognized public or private university in India may apply to the program.

Application Process:

  • The Institute invites applications to the program on a rolling basis in a given academic year. Applications will be accepted throughout the year. Short-listing of selected candidates will be done by, 10th March, 10th June and 10th September and 10th December.
  • Students are required to apply directly (via email) to host P.I.’s of their interest at THSTI with an updated resume and soft (digital) copies of all their previous academic degrees.
  • The committee will review the short-listed applicants for eligibility criteria and match students to their preferred P.I.’s.
  • In case a student has applied to and been short-listed by multiple P.I.’s in the Institute, the committee will ask the student to make a final choice of a single P.I. within 3 working days of the intimation of their selection/short-listing in the program.
  • Major milestones and deadlines are listed below
Process/Milestone Deadline
Applications accepted Rolling, throughout the year
Applications reviewed 10th March, 10th June, 10th September and 10th December
Short-listed Candidates Informed 13th March, 13th June, 13th September and 13th December
Earliest End Date 6 months after start date
Latest End Date Up to one year from the start date


  • Students enrolled in this program will be required to pay a flat fee of INR 10,000 per 6-month training period.
  • Fees will be waived for all students applying through the INSA Fellowship or other national or international academic scholarships granted for the specific purpose of financially supporting their degree program.
  • Students will be required to pay for each 6-month period in one single installment prior to the start of the training program. The requirement for a single installment may be relaxed to allow students with financial constraints to pay in 3 installments at the discretion of the Academic Dean.

Advertisement and Program Information:

  • The THSTI website will serve as the primary means of advertising and promoting this program. At the discretion of the Committee, the call for applications may be advertised in the print media along with regular Institutional calls for recruitment as and when required.
  • Upon successful completion of the program, THSTI will grant a training completion certificate to the students to fulfill their degree requirements.
  • Students will be provided full access to all infrastructure, consumables and research facilities at THSTI for the purpose of executing their training. Students will also have full access to the THSTI cafeteria for the duration of their stay.
  • THSTI will not be responsible for providing access to or funding the use of any facilities not available on campus but which may be required for generating specific results required by the student for inclusion in their dissertation. The student may use and pay for such external facilities at their own discretion.
  • Students may avail of THSTI transport facilities, if available on payment of the required charges applicable to THSTI employees.
  • Subject to availability of rooms, students may avail/use hostel or Institutional accommodation facility on payment charges. If unavailable, they will be required to arrange for their stay for the entire training duration at their own expense.
  • The host P.I. and THSTI will retain the corresponding authorship/inventorship with regard to any publications or patents arising out of any intellectual property (research or data) generated by the students during their stay at THSTI.
  • The host P.I.s at THSTI will have the choice of serving as the main “guide” for the student’s dissertation or thesis. The degree-granting institution may nominate a “co-guide” for the purpose of fulfilling academic requirements.
  • Students who are absent for more than 30 days during the course of the training for any reason may be ineligible for receiving a certificate of satisfactory performance from THSTI.

Candidates Selected for Short-Term Training Program for External Undergraduate and Graduate Students for January 2018 Batch