Meeting/ Conferences

5th Molecular Virology Meeting

February 11th - 12th, 2017

Description:The Molecular Virology meeting is held every alternate year in India and brings together leading researchers working on different aspects of Virology. The meeting will cover both basic and applied research and will provide a platform to discuss latest developments in areas of host-virus interactions, immune responses and vaccine development, molecular biology, evolution and epidemiology of viruses and emerging therapeutics and diagnostics.


Scientific Programs

Day 1: 11 February 2017

8.30-9.30 AM: Registration

9.30 AM: Meeting inaguration by Director THSTI

9.35 AM: Welcome address by Director RCB

Session I: Molecular Virology

Chairperson: Prof. Sudhanshu Vrati, RCB

9.45-10.20 AM (Plenary L1): Prof. Saumitra Das, IISc Bangalore

“Hepatitis C virus: From research on translation to translational research”


10.20-10.45 AM (L2): Dr. Krishnan H. Harshan, CCMB Hyderabad

“Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition and Antiviral Activities”


10.45-11.10 AM(L3): Dr. Sunit K. Singh, BHU

“HIV Tat exploiting tiny microRNAs to target the Junctional Integrity”


11.10-11.30: Tea Break

Session II: Virus Epidemiology

Chairperson: Dr. Anirban Basu, NBRC

11.30-11.55AM (L4): Dr. Jan Vinje, CDC, Atlanta

“Recent Advances in Norovirus Diagnostics and Molecular Epidemiology”


11.55-12.20PM (L5): Dr. Ben Lopman, Rollins School of Public Health, Emory University

“Dynamic epidemiology of enteric viruses. A complex interplay between the host and pathogen”


12.20-12.45PM (L6): Dr. Mahesh Moorthy, CMC Vellore

“Epidemiology and Evolution of household transmitted Influenza B virus”


12.45-1.10PM (L7): Dr. Sarah Cherian, NIV Pune

“Co-evolutionary dynamics of Influenza A/H1NI viruses in the context of virus-host interations”


01.10-02.00 PM: Lunch

Session III: Vaccines and Antibody Therapy

Chairperson: Dr. Anuradha Tripathy, NIV

2:00-2:25 PM (L8): Prof. Miren Iturriza-Gomara, University of Liverpool.

“The highs and lows of rotavirus vacccines. Why they don’t work as well where they are needed most”


2:25-2:50PM (L9): Dr. Navin Khanna, ICGEB, New Delhi

“Designer tetravalent single immunogen as dengue vaccine candidate with low potential for disease enhancing antibodies”


2.50-3.15P (L10): Prof. Kalpana Luthra, AIIMS

“Isolation and characterization of Cross Neutralizing monoclonal antibodies from chronic HIV-1C infected Indian donors”


3.15-3:40 PM (L11): Dr. Jayanta Bhattacharyya, IAVI

“Genetic and neutralization properties of HIV-1 obtained from Indian elite neutralizers”


03:40 - 5:30 PM: Tea and Poster session

Session IV: Challenges in Prophylactics and Therapeutics

Chairperson: Prof. Saumitra Das, IISc

5:30-5:55PM (L12) : Prof. Priya Abraham, CMC Vellore

“HBV treatment-past, present and future”


5:55-6.20PM (L13) : Dr. Nimesh Gupta, NII, New Delhi

“CoFactor Induced Broadly Reactive Human Monoclonal Antibody Neutralizes Japanese encephalitis virus”


6:20-6:40PM (L14): Dr. Soma Chattopadhyay, ILS, Bhubaneshwar

“Regulation of Chikungunya Virus Replication by MBZM-N-IBT”


6:40-7:05 PM(L15): Dr. Milan Surjit, THSTI Faridabad

“Surviving the odds and benefitting from it: Insights from the Hepatitis E virus”


7:05-7.35 : (3X10 min Student Presentations)

07:35 - 09:00 PM: Dinner

Day 2: 12 February 2017

Session V: Host-Pathogen Interactions

Chairperson: Dr. Akhil Banerjea, NII

9:30-10:05 AM (Plenary L16): Prof. Sudhanshu Vrati, RCB, Faridabad

“Role of host cell proteins in Japanese encephalitis virus replication”


10:05-10:30AM (L17): Dr. Debasis Mitra, NCCS, Pune

“Cyclin F regulates HIV1 infectivity through ubiquitinqtion and proteasomal degradation of Vif”


10:30-10:55 AM (L18): Dr. Mamta Chawla-Sarkar, NICED Kolkata

“Strategies adopted by Rotavirus for a successful infection: It’s all about hijacking the cellular proteome”


10:55- 11.20 AM (L19): Dr. Kavita Lole, NIV Pune

“Hepatitis E virus ORF1 encoded macro domain protein interacts with light chain subunit of human ferritin”

11.20-11.40 AM: Tea break

Session VI: Host-Pathogen Interactions

Chairperson: Prof. T. Ramamurthy, THSTI

11:40-12.05PM (L20): Dr. Deepak Nair, RCB, Faridabad

“The role of GTP in initiation of replication of the JEV genome”


12.05-12:30PM (L21): Dr. Arindam Mondal, IIT Kharagpur

“Hijacking host kinases to regulate the balance between mRNA genomic RNA synthesis. A unique strategy by Influenza viruses”


12:30-1:00PM: (3X10 min, student presentations)


1:00 PM : Best Poster Awards


1:10 PM: Vote of thanks

1:15-2PM: Lunch