Notifications : Tenders

Tender Type CPPP - Tender ID Tender No. Tender Details Closing Date
N/A NA THSTI/NIT/32/16-17 Tender for hiring the services of a reputed and experienced agency/firms for undertaking Rabbit Immunization Study 23.02.2017
Eprocurement 2017_THSTI_176504_1 THSTI/NIT/34/16-17 Tender notice for purchase of Refrigerated centrifuge 01.03.2017
Eprocurement 2017_THSTI_176700_1 THSTI/NIT/37/16-17 Tender notice for procuring of Small Animal Ventilator 01.03.2017
Eprocurement 2017_THSTI_191993_1 THSTI/NIT/35/16-17 Tender notice for purchase of Mini Heating/ Cooling Dry Block 02.03.2017
Eprocurement 2017_THSTI_177271_1 THSTI/NIT/39/16-17 Tender notice for procuring of Roller Apparatus and Compatible Incubator 04.03.2017
Eprocurement 2017_THSTI_177394_1 THSTI/NIT/33/16-17 Tender notice for Extension of LAN Setup for Labs and Department at THSTI 04.03.2017
Eprocurement 2017_THSTI_176900_1 THSTI/NIT/38/16-17 Tender notice for procuring of Refrigerated Incubator Shaker 09.03.2017

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