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Notifications : Tenders

Tender Type CPPP - Tender ID Tender No. Tender Details Closing Date
Epublish 2018_THSTI_378425_1 THSTI/NIT/11/2018-19 GPU Card GTX1080 21.09.2018
Epublish 2018_MST_357974_1 THSTI/NIT/12/18-19 Purchase of Natural Product Library,2X100υL/well(10mM solutions) Cat No.L1400 ,Make-SelleckChem LLC,Qty.01, from M/s Selleck Chemicals LLC on Proprietary Basis 22.09.2018
Eprocurement 2018_THSTI_385330_1 THSTI/NIT/13/2018-19 Common Non Cell Culture Items 08.10.2018

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