07 Aug 2020
Drs. Amit Awasthi and Sweety Samal awarded Intensification of Research in High Priority Area (IRHPA)-SERB grant to conduct animal studies in mice and hamsters to support COVID-19 antiviral drug discovery
Drs. Amit Awasthi and Sweety Samal have been awarded the Intensification of Research in High Priority Area (IRHPA)-SERB grant funded by Department of Science and Technology to support COVID-19
06 Aug 2020
A Primer on Corona Virus Vaccines, all your questions answered by Dr. Gagandeep Kang, India’s best vaccine expert
Corona Virus is tormenting & torturing India & the world. Scientists have unleashed a 'world war' on COVID-19 by making many candidate vaccines. India has several experimental molec
04 May 2020
Dr. Ramandeep Singh awarded DBT/Wellcome Trust India Alliance's Senior Research Fellowship in Basic Biomedical Research category
DBT/Wellcome Trust announced different fellowships for the November round. Dr. Ramandeep Singh wa
28 Apr 2020
DBT-THSTI files patent for novel DNA aptamers against spike protein of SARS-CoV-2
The humans have witnessed many a pandemic as diseases transmitted across communities and borders by microbial pathogens. Among these pathogens, throughout the history of pandemics, viruses posed a
25 Apr 2020
THSTI workshop for maternal and child health investigators on AI driven solutions
Garbhavastha (गर्भावस्थभ), or pregnancy, invokes in a mother’s heart the first emotion to see the newborn someday, holding close to her. However, many mothers in India mis
24 Apr 2020
On war metaphors, communicating uncertainty, avoiding stigmatizing language during COVID-19
The 4th webinar in the COVID19: Ask the Experts series hosted by DBT/Wellcome Trust India Alliance (India Alliance), THSTI, IAVI, and Nature India on 17 April aimed to understand and deconstruct th
24 Apr 2020
Did Winter come for us with COVID19?
Those who are diehard fans of Game of Thrones (GoT) series are familiar with the phrase “Winter is Coming”. It is the motto of Northern house Stark in the fictional kingdom of Westeros.
23 Apr 2020
There are no short-cuts in research: Dr. Amit K Pandey
Dr. Amit Kumar Pandey, an Assistant Professor at THSTI, Faridabad, talks about what fascinates him about his research and the lessons he learned along his scientific journey. He is a myco-bacteriol
14 Apr 2020
DBT-THSTI becomes a member of the global COVID19 Clinical Research Consortium
Prof. Gagandeep Kang, the current Executive Director of the DBT funded Translational Health Science & Technology Institute has joined the governance of the COVID19 Clinical Research Consortium.
02 Apr 2020
ICMR approves THSTI-ESICMC&H partnership for COVID-19 testing
THSTI bioassay lab will now function as an extension of diagnostic facility of ESIC Medical College and Hospital - Faridabad for COVID-19 testing. The first and only COVID-19 testing facility in th
11 Mar 2020
THSTI students shine at DPSRU's International Conference of Cardiovascular Sciences 2020
Three of our students working under the supervision of Dr. Sanjay K Banerjee were awarded for their oral and poster presentations at the "International Conference of Cardiovascular Sciences -
07 Mar 2020
Saurabh Chugh wins the best poster at EMBO India symposium
Our PhD student, Saurabh Chugh won the best poster award in the category cellular microbiology at the International EMBO India symposium 2020 themed "Mycobacterial heterogeneity a