THSTI’s zinc study covered by the Delhi edition of Indian Express

16 Jul 2020

The Delhi edition of the popular daily The Indian Express covered THSTI’s study that is evaluating zinc as an adjunct for the treatment of very severe infection in infants. The multi-center and multi-country study is being carried out in collaboration with the University of Bergen, Norway and Tribhuvan University, Nepal and is led by Prof. Shinjini Bhatnagar and Dr. Nitya Wadhwa who are the Principal Investigators of the project.

“Our previous study showed significant effects of zinc in reducing risk of treatment failure… our current study in question is whether adjunct treatment with zinc will reduce risk of death in infants with clinical severe infection,” the daily quoted Prof Bhatnagar.

Dr. Wadhwa went on to explain the methodology - “The infant, once enrolled, is administered either zinc or placebo for 14 days with the standard treatment. The infant is followed up every 6 hours for signs of recovery or treatment failure. After discharge, the infant continues to be followed up for 12 weeks to measure effects of zinc on 12-week morbidity and mortality”.
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