IndCEPI and GARBH-Ini among 5 key missions announced by the Union Minister for Science & Technology on DBT's Foundation Day

16 Jul 2020

The  Union Minister for Science & Technology announced key missions at the foundation day ceremony of DBT including Atal JaiAnusandhan Biotech Mission - Undertaking Nationally Relevant Technology Innovation (UNaTI), which is expected to transform Health, Agriculture and Energy sectors during the next five years. This mission includes two of our collaborative ventures - GARBH-Ini and IndCEPI. While, GARBH-ini is a mission to promote maternal and child health and develop prediction tools for pre-term berth, IndCEPI is aimed to develop affordable vaccines for endemic diseases. DBT celebrated its 33rd Foundation Day in New Delhi with "Celebrating Biotechnology: Building Indian as an Innovation Nation" as their theme.


The Union Minister emphasized the role of Department of Biotechnology during the last 33 years in creating a large-scale impact across the multiple sectors by development and commercialization of affordable solutions for healthcare, improved crop varieties, animal diagnostics and technology for generation of clean energy. He also highlighted the progress made in the area of capacity building, generation of new knowledge, translational research and in nurturing of Biotechnology startup ecosystem.


The announcement of the Press Information Bureau can be found here: