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  1. Method of predict diabetes outcome susceptibility (201711041969).
  2. Method of preparing nutraceutical and pharmaceutical products based on Musa balbisiana and uses thereof (201911015320)
  3. A Herbal extract for treatment of obesity and related hyperglycemia and a method for its extraction (201831046382A)
  1. To identify unique differential signatures for the diagnosis of stage-specific Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease using the multi-omics approach: A pilot study. (Co-Principal Investigator)
  2. Metabolic profiling as per glycemic status [normoglycemia/prediabetes/diabetes] in women with a history of Gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM)-A cross-sectional study. (Co-Principal Investigator)
  3. Preclinical Evaluations of Select AYUSH Herbal Extracts / Formulations for Mitigating SARS- CoV2 and Associated Pathologies (Co-Principal Investigator)
  4. Multi-Omics Signatures of Human Placenta: Real time assessment of underlying mechanisms for prediction of birth outcomes and development (Co-Principal Investigator)
  5. Metabolite profiling in pregnant mothers: identification of signature metabolites in pregnancies leading to preterm birth. (Co-Principal Investigator)


1. Sonu Kumar Gupta