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1. Tandon R, Soni A, Singh RK, Sodhi R, Seth MK, Sinha S, Sahdev S, Dhage G, Das B, Dastidar SG, Shirumalla RK, Yonesu K, Marumoto S,            Nagayama T.   Identification of novel Urotensin-II receptor antagonists with potent inhibition of U-II induced pressor response in mice. 2020. Euro J Pharmacol  886:173391.

2.Tandon R , Senthil V., Nithya D., Venkataramanan R., Pamidiboina V., Kumar A, Malik S, Chaira T, Diwan M, Gupta P, Venkataramanan R, Malik R,       Das B, Dastidar SG, Cliffe IA; Ray A; Bhatnagar PK. RBx10080307, a dual EGFR/IGF-1R inhibitor for anticancer therapy(2013) Euro J Pharmacol;           711(1-3):19-26.

3. Singh RK, Tandon R, Dastidar SG, Ray A. A review on leukotrienes and their receptors with reference to asthma( 2013) J Asthma; 50(9):922-931.

4. Tandon R , Kapoor S, Vali S, Senthil V., Nithya D., Venkataramanan R, Sharma A, Talwadkar A, Ray A, Bhatnagar PK and Dastidar SG. Dual             epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR)/insulin-like growth factor-1 receptor (IGF-1R) inhibitor: A novel approach for overcoming resistance in     anticancer treatment (2011) Euro J Pharmacol; 667(1-3):56-65.

5. Tiwari P, Saini S, Upmanyu S, Benjamin B, Tandon R, Saini KS and Sahdev S. Enhanced expression of recombinant proteins utilizing a modified   baculovirus expression vector.(2010) Mol Biotechnology 46(1):80-9.

6. Tandon R, Singh MP, Haq W, Dixit M, Patnaik GK and Dhar MM (2010) Design and synthesis Novel tetrapeptides as potential ACE inhibitors.Cheminformatics; 28, 40.

7. Subhadra LB, Sundaresan S, Singaravelu A, Kadapakkam SN, Badri NR, Katiyar C, Kanaujia A, Duggar R, Singh Y, Konasubrahmanya S, Bansal V, Sarin S, Tandon R, Sharma S and Singh S. (2009) Cinnamic acid isolated from the bark of Cinnamomum cassia regulates glucose transport through activation of glucose transporter 4 on L6 myotubes in a PI3 Kinase independent fashion. J Diabetes; 1, 99-106.

8. Tandon R , Gupta A, Ray A (2013) Mechanism of action of antidiabetic property of cinnamic acid, a principal active ingredient from the bark of cinnamomum cassia. Int J Therap Appls; 9, 39-45

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10. Sarma PK, Tandon R, Gupta P, Dastidar SG, Ray A, Das B, Cliffe IA(2007) Progress in the development of small molecule inhibitors of insulin-like growth factor-1 receptor kinase. Exp Opin Ther Pat; 17(1) 25-35 (11)

11. Mittra S, Sangle G, Tandon R, Sharma S, Roy S, Khanna V, Gupta A, Sattigeri J, Sharma L, Khattar SK, Bora RS, Saini KS, Bansal VS (2007) Increase in weight induced by muraglitazar, a dual PPAR alpha/gamma agonist, in db/db mice: adipogenesis/or oedema? Br J Pharmacol ;150(4):480-7.

12. Deng Y, Bhattacharya S, Swamy OR, Tandon R, Wang Y, Janda R, Riedel H.(2003) Grb10 as a partner of PI 3-kinase in metabolic insulin action.       J Biol Chem; 278(41):39311-22.

13. Singh SB, Tandon R** (**Co-first author), Krishnamurthy G, Vikram R, Sharma N, Basu SK and Mukhopadhyay A (2003) Rab5-mediated endosome-endosome fusion regulates hemoglobin endocytosis in Leishmania donovani. EMBO J;  22(21) :5712-22.

14. Narayan P, Pandey R, Yadav VS, Tandon R, Haq W, Dhar MM , Singh VK (2003). Inhibition of anti-CD3 and interleukin-2 stimulated T lymphocyte proliferation by peptidomimetic opioid compound. Immunopharmacol Immmunotox; 25(2):225-33.

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17. Sengupta S, Tripathi J, Tandon R, Roy RP, Basu SK and Mukhopadhyay A (1999) Hemoglobin endocytosis in Leishmania is mediated through a 46  kD protein located in flagellar pocket J Bio Chem;  274, 5, 2758-2765.





1. Team including Tandon R, Chauthaiwale V et al Heat shock protein inducers in myocardial and cerebral ischemia. (2004) Torrent pharmaceuticals ltd.           Gujarat, India, Pct File No. Pct/in05/00112, Patent File No. 178/kol/2004

2. Team including Tandon R, Dhar MM et al ."An improved process for the preparation of polypeptide useful as Gonadotropin Releasing Hormone agonist       having C-Terminal Proline ethylamide". Patent application No. 3069/DEL/97

  • CSIR, New Delhi, India Award  1997
  • International Travel award, National Research Center for Biotechnology, Braunschweig, Germany, 1999
  • Postdoctoral Research Associate, Wayne State University, MI, USA (National Institute of Health, Bethesda, USA Fellowship) 2000
  • Individual Excellence Award, Ranbaxy Research Labs, 2006 
  • Assistant Director position, Daiichi Sankyo Pharma, 2010
  • Star Team award, Daiichi Sankyo, 2012 
  • SMART Team award, Daiichi Sankyo, 2013 
  • Assistant Director and Group Head, Pharmacology, Daiichi Sankyo Pharma, 2014
  • Served as an active reviewer of articles submitted to international peer reviewed journals such as PLOS One, Oncology Rev and Frontiers in Pharmacology
  • Member, Editorial Board, Frontiers in Pharmacology

NCBI Nucleotide Accessions 

1- Yousaf N, Deng Y, Tandon R, Cheng DW, Kang Y and Riedel H (2001) Mus musculus Pro-rich, PH and SH2 domain containing signaling mediator alpha mRNA, complete     cds, alternatively spliced. NCBI GenBank accession number AF421138, GI: 16226080 

2- Yousaf N, DengY, Tandon R, Cheng DW, KangY and Riedel H (2001) Mus musculus Pro-rich, PH and SH2 domain containing signaling mediator gamma mRNA, complete       cds, alternatively spliced. NCBI GenBank accession number AF421139, GI 16226077

3- Yousaf N, Deng Y, Tandon R, Cheng DW, Kang Y and Riedel H(2001) Mus musculus PSM/SH2-B delta (Sh2B psm1) mRNA, complete cds. NCBI GenBank accession   number  AF380422, GI: 15787982

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