Visit of Dr. Thomas Steinbrecher, Director of Applications Sciences, Europe, Schrodinger

27 Jun 2022

Renowned Scientist, Dr. Thomas Steinbrecher, Director of Applications Sciences, Europe, Schrodinger visited THSTI on 23 rd June 2022 to deliver a talk on “From Ideas to Medicines- Discovery of clinical candidates with an ML-driven physics-based technology platform.” In his address, he explained physics based modeling, make-on-demand commercial libraries and machine learning models. Dr. Steinbrecher explained the Schrödinger molecular design platform that covers methods ranging from ultra-fast, approximate approaches through a range of AI-enhanced physics-based in-silico simulation methods to advanced ligand docking approaches to drug discovery. He also presented numerous successful case studies across a number of discovery programs along with their recent advances. Post lecture, Dr. Steinbrecher interacted with the faculty, scientists and students from the computational group of THSTI and had a brain-storming session on compound optimization using thermodynamics profiling and free energy perturbation.