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  1. Anantharaj A, Agrawal T, Shashi PK, Tripathi A, Kumar P, Khan I, Pareek M, Singh B, Pattabiraman C, Kumar S, Pandey R, Chandele A, Lodha R, Whitehead SS, Medigeshi GR. Neutralizing antibodies from prior exposure to dengue virus negatively correlate with viremia on re-infection. Communications Medicine, 2023, 3(1):148.
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  • Awarded Travel Grant from Liver Care Foundation, India to attend 28th Annual meeting of the Asia-Pacific Association for Studies on Liver, 20th-24th February 2019, Manila.
  • Awarded Vaccine Research Innovation (VRI) Award post-doctoral fellowship by Translational Health Science and Technology Institute, Gurgaon, Haryana.
  • Awarded Full Travel Grant for attending 11th International Union against Sexually Transmitted Infection (IUSTI) World Congress in Cape Town, November 2009.
  • Best Poster award at 33rd Indian Immunology Society Conference, New Delhi.
  • Awarded CSIR-UGC Junior Research Fellowship, 2003.
  • Awarded Graduate Teaching Assistantship by Department of Microbiology, G.B. Pant University of Agric. & Tech, Pantnagar.
  • Awarded Shanti Devi Srivastava Gold Medal for botany by University of Allahabad, Allahabad.

Ms Aanchal Patidar - MSc Dissertation Trainee