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1.     Chaitali Singhal*, J. G. Bruno, A. Kaushal, T. K. SharmaRecent Advances and a Roadmap to Aptamer-Based Sensors for Bloodstream InfectionsACS Appl. Bio Mater, 4, 3962-3984, 2021 (IF: 3.25)


1.     A. Gautam*, Chaitali Singhal*, A. Mishra, A.T. John, U.K. Goutam, R. Abolhassani, R. Adelung, D.K. Avasthi, Y.K. Mishra, Detection of Prostate Cancer DNA using Tetrapods based Disposable Paper Ecofriendly Biosensor Device

Medical Devices and Sensors (Wiley-ACH), 3(6), e10122, 2020

2.     Chaitali Singhal*, S. Shukla, A. Jain, C.S. Pundir, M. Khanuja, J. Narang, N. Shetti, Electrochemical multiplexed paper nano-sensor for specific dengue serotype detection predicting pervasiveness of DHF/DSS, ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering, 6, 5886, 2020 (IF: 4.74)


3.     S. Vasantham, R. Alhans, Chaitali Singhal, S. Nagabooshanam, S. Nissar, T. Basu, S.C. Ray, S. Wadhwa, J. Narang, A. Mathur, Paper based Point of care immunosensor for the impedimetric detection of cardiac Troponin I biomarker, Biomedical Microdevices, 22 (6), 2020 (IF: 2.32)


1.     Chaitali Singhal*, A. Mathur, A. Dubey, C.S. PundirPaper based DNA biosensor for detection of chikungunya virus using gold shells coated magnetic nanocubesProcess Biochemistry7435-422018 (IF: 3.75)

2.     Chaitali Singhal*, M. Khanuja, N Chaudhary, CS Pundir, J. Narang , Detection of chikungunya virus DNA using two-dimensional MoS2 nanosheets based disposable biosensor , Scientific Reports, 8 (1)7734, 2018 (IF: 5.13)

3.     R. Alhans, A. Singh, Chaitali Singhal, J Narang, S Wadhwa, A Mathur , Comparative analysis of single-walled and multi-walled carbon nanotubes for electrochemical sensing of glucose on gold printed circuit boards , Material Science and Engineering C, 90, 273-279, 2018 (IF: 7.32)

4.     J. Narang, Chaitali Singhal, A. Mathur, A.K. Dubey, AK Pn, A. Anil, C.S. Pundir , Naked-eye quantitative assay on paper device for date rape drug sensing via smart phone APP , Vacuum, 153, 300-305, 2018 (IF: 3.6)

5.     J. Narang, Chaitali Singhal, A. Mathur, S. Sharma, V. Singla, C.S. Pundir , Portable bioactive paper based genosensor incorporated with Zn-Ag nanoblooms for herpes detection at the point-of-care, International Journal of Biological Macromolecules, 107(B), 2559-2565, 2018 (IF: 6.95)

6.     J. Narang, S. Narang, N. Malhotra, Chaitali Singhal, CS Pundir, Prussian blue nanocubes/carbon nanospheres heterostructure composite for biosensing of metformin, Int. J. of Nanomed. (T- NANO 2014 Abstracts), 13, 117–120, 2018 (IF: 4.47)


1.     J. Narang, Chaitali Singhal, A. Mathur, M. Khanuja, A. Varshney, K. Garg, T. Dahiya, C.S. Pundir, Lab on paper chip integrated with Si@GNRs for electroanalysis of diazepam, Analytica Chimica Acta, 980, 50-57, 2017. (IF: 5.97)

2.     Chaitali Singhal*, C.S. Pundir, J. Narang, A genosensor for detection of consensus DNA sequence of Dengue virus using ZnO / Pt-Pd nanocomposites, Biosensors and Bioelectronics, 97, 75-82, 2017 (IF: 10.26)

3.     J. Narang, Chaitali Singhal, M. Khanuja, A. Mathur, A. Jain, C.S. Pundir, Hydrothermally synthesized zinc oxide nanorods incorporated on lab-on-paper device for electrochemical detection of recreational drug, Artificial cells, nanomedicine and biotech., 1-8, 2017 (IF: 5.67)

4.     J. Narang, N. Malhotra, Chaitali Singhal, A. Mathur, D. Chakraborty, A. Anil, A. Ingle, C.S. Pundir 

Point of care with micro fluidic paper based device integrated with nano zeolite – graphene oxide nanoflakes for electrochemical sensing of ketamine, Biosensors and Bioelectronics, 88, 249-257, 2017 (IF: 10.26)

5.     J. Narang, N. Malhotra, Chaitali Singhal, A. Mathur, A. K. PN and C.S. Pundir, Detection of alprazolam with a lab on paper economical device integrated with urchin like Ag@ Pd shell nano-hybrids, Material Science and Engineering C, 80, 728-735, 2017 (IF: 7.32)

6.     Chaitali Singhal*, A. Ingle, D. Chakraborty, A.K. PN, C.S. Pundir, J. Narang, Impedimetric genosensor for detection of hepatitis C virus ( HCV1 ) DNA using viral probe on methylene blue doped silica nanoparticles, International Journal of Biological Macromolecules, 98, 84-93, 2017(IF: 6.95)


1.     J. NarangChaitali Singhal, N. Malhotra, S. Narang, A. K. Pn, R. Gupta, R. Kansal and C.S. Pundir, Impedimetric genosensor for ultratrace detection of hepatitis B virus DNA in patient samples assisted by zeolites and MWCNT nano-composites, Biosensors and Bioelectronics, 86, 566–574, 2016 (IF: 10.26)

2.     J. Narang, N. Malhotra , S. Narang, Chaitali Singhal, R. Kansal, V. Chandel, AV Vastan, CS Pundir, Replacement of magnesium chloride with magnesium nanoparticles in polymerase chain reaction (doi:10.1038/protex.2016.021), Nature Protocol Exchange, 2016

3.     Chaitali Singhal*, N. Malhotra, N. Chauhan, S. Narang, C. S. Pundir and J. Narang, Hierarchical electrodeposition of methylene blue on ZnO nanocrystals thin films layered on SnO2/F electrode for in vitro sensing of anti-thalassemic drug, Material Science and Engineering C, 62, 596–604, 2016(IF: 7.32)

4.     Chaitali Singhal*, N. Malhotra, C. S. Pundir and J. Narang, An enzyme free Vitamin C augmented sensing with different ZnO morphologies on SnO2/F transparent glass electrode : A comparative study, Material Science and Engineering C, 69, 769–779, 2016 (IF: 7.32)

5.     J. Narang, N. Malhotra, Chaitali Singhal, C.S. Pundir, Evaluation of Freshness of Fishes Using MWCNT/TiO2 Nanobiocomposites Based Biosensor, Food Analytical Methods , 1, 1–5, 2016 (IF: 3.36)

6.     J. Narang, N. Malhotra, Chaitali Singhal, R. Bhatia, V. Kathuria, M.Jain, Graphene nanoflakes on transparent glass electrode sensor for electrochemical sensing of anti-diabetic drug, Bioprocess and Biosystems Engineering, 40 (4), 537-548, 2016 (IF: 3.21)

7.     J. Narang, K. Rani, Ifrah, Sonia, Chaitali Singhal , Green versus Chemical Synthesis of Gold and Silver Nanoparticles, Journal of Bionanosciences, 10, 341-347, 2016 (IF: 2.30)


1.     Chaitali Singhal*, N. Chauhan, N. Malhotra, Sunny and J. Narang , AIDS : Signs to Management of the Disease, J. of AIDS and HIV Infections, 1(1), 105, 2015 (IF: 3.1)


1.     An economical portable paper based Chikungunya genosensor for resource constrained settings, Patent no.: 20611035711

2.     Naked-eye quantitative assay on paper device for date rape drug sensing via smart phone APP, Patent no.: 201611025138

3.     Methylene blue doped silver core and palladium shell nanohybrids on transparent glass substrate for impedimetric sensing of alprax, Patent no.: 201611014938

4.     A System and Method for Smearless Detection of DNA with various morphologies of Zinc Nanomaterials In Agarose Gel Electrophoresis, Patent no.: 201611012990

5.     Method for enhancing the PCR amplification by using MgO Nanoparticles, Patent no.: 3399/DEL/2015

6.     Nanoheterostructure composite for sensing metformin, Patent no.: 2430/DEL/2015


Best Student talk Award at EMRS FALL MEETING 2017, held at Warsaw Institute of Technology, Warsaw, Poland, September 2017