Workshop on Proteomics and Data Analysis

15 Feb 2023

Translational Health Science and Technology Institute (THSTI) conducted a workshop on Proteomics and Data Analysis in association with the Proteomics Society of India from 9-10th February 2023. The workshop was attended by researchers from various organizations. Addressing the participants, Dr. Pramod Garg, ED, THSTI put a thrust on the importance of proteomics, especially in the field of human health. He appreciated the work done at THSTI and encouraged the participants to learn from the resource persons. Dr. Subhra Chakraborty, President, PSI and Director, NIPGR congratulated Dr. Amit Kumar Yadav on organizing the workshop. She emphasized that one of the key roles of PSI is to impart proteomics education, and such workshops are good platforms for learning. Dr. Shantanu Sengupta, CSIR-IGIB, Dr. Debasis Dash, CSIR-IGIB, Dr Srikanth Rapole, NCCS, Dr. Amit Kumar Yadav, THSTI, Dr. Tushar Maiti, RCB, Dr. Prabhakar Babele, THSTI, Dr. Suruchi Aggarwal, THSTI and Anurag Raj, CSIR-IGIB were the resource persons for the workshop. The workshop had sessions that covered the basics of proteomics and mass spectrometry, integration of genomics & proteomics i.e. proteogenomics, for novel gene discovery, application of various quantitative proteomics techniques in cancer biology & cellular signalling, multiplexing techniques for quantitation, PTM analysis, sample preparation and data acquisition. The participants were given training for sample preparation, and data acquisition followed by various types of high-throughput data analysis. They were also trained to use various databases and tools for data interpretation. The workshop was widely appreciated and many participants suggested having more such workshops which will enable the researchers to use these tools in their area of research.