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Intramural projects- THSTI, Faridabad

1. Department of Biotechnology scholarshipfor M. Sc., Government of India.

2. Awarded junior and senior research fellowship and eligibility for lectureship (NET) by the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, Government of India-2003.

3. Graduate Aptitude Test for Engineering-2003; All India Rank-62 (Percentile 98.21).

4. Life member- Indian Immunology Society.

5. Associate editor- Virology and Immunology Journal.

6. Bursary for oral and poster presentation at Immunocon-2018.

7. International travel award to attend the IEDB user workshop 2018, USA.

8. Travel award to attend the IEDB user workshop 2018 from Immunology Foundation, USA.

9. International travel award for poster presentation at the JITMM-2018, Thailand.

10. Oral presentation at Immunocon-2018, THSTI, India.

11. Global health travel award- Keystone symposium 2019, Sao Paulo.

Conference and workshop participations- 21

Mr. Atharv Athavale- Project Associate-I

Ms. Indu Panwar- M. Sc. dissertation student

Mr. Sahil Yadav- M. Sc. dissertation student