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Research Papers:

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Kumar N, Sharma C, Chaudhuri S, Rathore DK, Kumar S, Haldar S, Pillai J, Bhatnagar S. “Flow-cytometry based rapid method of testing antimicrobial drug susceptibility and resistance in biological fluids”. (TEMP/E-1/48033/2017-DEL; filed December 28, 2017)

1. Indo-European Consortium for Next Generation Influenza Vaccine Innovation, (DBT India).

2. Immunological responses of Arsenicum album 30C to combat COVID-19: A double-blind, randomized, placebo controlled-clinical trial in the Pathanamthitta district of Kerala, (CCRH, Ministry of Ayush).

3. Identification of the Immune-correlates of protection in SARS-CoV-2 infected Indian patients,  (THSTI Intramural).

4. Exploring the Impact of Yoga Intervention on Blood-Based Biomarkers, Epigenetic Modifications and Immune System Dysregulation in Alzheimer's Disease: A pilot study, (THSTI-AIIMS collaborative project).

  • Executive Council Member of Indian Immunology Society (Since 2018).
  • Life membership of Society for Immunology & Immunopathology.
  • The Cytometry Society (India).
  • Life Membership of Indian Immunology Society.
  • Editorial Board Member of International Journal of Immunology (since Nov.2021).


  • Dr. MK Bhan Group award for the most impactful research collaboration in the Institute at THSTI Faridabad on July 15, 2021.
  • Awatar Krishan prize in the 14th Indo-US Cytometry Workshop at Institute of Life Sciences, Bhubaneswar, India.
  • The best poster presentation award in the 3rd National Extension Education Congress at N.D.R.I. Karnal, India.

International Visits:

1. Influenza Centre, Department of Clinical Science, University of Bergen Laboratory Building, 5th floor, N-5021 Bergen, Norway from November 2-19, 2022. Visited for Hands-on- laboratory training for the conventional serology assays. These assays to be implemented in Indian clinical trials samples in the Indo-EU joint collaborative research and innovation project entitled “INCENTIVE: Indo-European Consortium for Next Generation Influenza Vaccine Innovation”.

2. INCENTIVE (Indo-European Consortium for Next Generation Influenza Vaccine Innovation) Annual Consortium meeting in Frankfurt, Germany on the 10th -11th October 2023 at the NH Collection Frankfurt Spin Tower.


Invited talks:

  • Basics of Flow cytometry, Annual Conference of Indian Pancreas Club‘A Gateway to Understanding Complex Pancreatic Disorders’ October 8-9, 2022, New Delhi, India
  • Sorter User Group Annual Meeting, BD Biosciences, India dt. 01st September 2021.
  • Protein purification and Flow Cytometry Workshop; Amity University Gurugram, dt. 20th July, 2021.
  • Science Setu Program Lecture; THSTI DBT India dt. 16th March 2021.
  • The Cytometry Society Academics Lecture Series 2020 (Virtual) dt. 22th September 2020.
  • FACS Technologist Education Program, BD India Gurgaon dt. 22nd February 2020.
  • Immunocon 2019 and 46th Annual conference of Indian Immunology Society held at DAE Convention Centre, BARC Mumbai, India from 14-16 November 2019.