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1.     2015 – CBCADD, Young Investigator Award, IITG.

2.     2015 – DST-SERB Early Career Young Scientist Award.

3.     2012 – International Young Scientist Grant, Regione della sardigna, Italy.

4.     2011 – Young Investigator Best Poster Award, WATOC, Spain.

5.     2011 - Young Researcher Travel grant from the Federation of European Biochemical Societies (FEBS).

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13. 2000- Gold Medal, BSc, VBS Purvanchal University.

Dr. Ashish K agrahari, MK Bhan Fellow.

Dr. Lovika Mittal, Project Associate II 

Dr. Mitul Srivastava, Project Associate-I

Dr. Shilpa Sharma, Project Associate II 

Mr. Debapriyo Sarmadhikar, PhD Student

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