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1. AIIMS-THSTI Interdisciplinary Intramural grant 2023-2025 (Co-Principal Investigator).


2015 -Junior Research Fellowship, Department of Biotechnology, Government of India.

2018 -Senior Research Fellowship, Department of Biotechnology,Government of India.

2019 -FIMSA Bursary Award for participation in IUIS/IIS/FIMSA Course on Basic And advanced Translational Immunology (12th to 16th October 2019).

2019 -Best Oral Presentation Award at IUIS/IIS/FIMSA Course on Basic and And advanced Translational Immunology (12th to 16th October 2019).

2020 -Best Oral Presentation Award at Colloquium organized by THSTI IN 2020.

2021 -Best Oral Presentation Award at 8th FIMSA Congress held on October 31st to November 3rd at BEXCO, Busan, Korea.

2018 -Best Poster Presentation Award, at Immunocon 2018.

2020 -Scientific Quiz organized by THSTI on 10th Foundation Day.

2021 -Best Oral Presentation Award at AIMT-2021 by Amity University, India.

2022 -Prof. M.K. Bhan Award for a PhD student for the 5 years all-around performance.

2010 -Silver Medal in 5000 meters at 43rd annual sports and athletic Meet at PGIMS.

2011 -Gold medal in Marathon organized by NIPER, Mohali, India.

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