Oral Presentation Award to Mr. Rajdeep Dalal, Ph.D Scholar

03 Nov 2021

Mr. Rajdeep Dalal, PhD student working under Dr. Amit Awasthi won the Oral presentation award at the 8th FIMSA Congress (2021), held at Busan, Korea (October 31st - November 3rd). The title of his presentation was " Micronutrient supplementation inhibits intestinal inflammation in experimental colitis." Severe colitis is characterized by low fecal potassium and high sodium in the gut. Based on this attribute, Mr Dalal explored the role of potassium in the malabsorption syndromes leading to intestinal inflammation, like ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease, using a murine colitis model. The results from this study indicated that potassium supplementation promotes bile synthesis, which suppresses inflammation in colitis and enhances the abundance of good microbiota belonging to Ruminococcaceae and Lachnospiracace families.