The objectives as envisaged in the Memorandum of Association of CDSA are:

  1. To aid, promote, guide, strengthen and coordinate conduct of cost effective services for technology-based (such as biotechnology) preclinical and clinical product development in India relevant to the people in India.
  2. To undertake and implement cost effective clinical research services as specified in (1) above projects involving new technology- based (such as biotechnology) product development for government, semi government, government funded academic and non-academic institutions, non-profit and small and medium sized enterprises.
  3. To develop, supervise and coordinate a network of clinical trial sites (centers of excellence) in India with a fair geographical distribution of a suitable infrastructure, trained human resources and quality practices for suitable conduct of regulated clinical trials that meets the demands of the industry.
  4. To aid, promote, guide, strengthen, coordinate, undertake and implement human resource capacity building in India for preclinical and clinical development and other related activities with an aim to strengthen health systems and clinical research in India. CDSA shall ensure training of students and research professionals including physicians involved in clinical research professionals and provide onsite training to research professionals present at the trial sites linked to CDSA via its established trial site network.
  5. To provide advice/ consultancy as per DSIR rules in industry related preclinical and clinical product development for industry, academia, public sector enterprises, SIBRI and BIPP.
  6. To network with relevant bodies in Government of India to facilitate and mentor innovation by aiding in framing of policies to enable promotion of clinical research and reducing barriers preventing the same.
  7. To promote development of effective linkages/ collaboration on a continuing basis between various scientific and research agencies/ laboratories and other organizations working in the country and internationally in the field of preclinical and clinical research and related areas to facilitate knowledge and maintain product development edge for Indian enterprises.
  8. To promote, establish (purchase and/or refurbish), maintain and manage clinical research sites.
  9. To promote, establish (purchase and/or refurbish), maintain and manage specialized research facilities with suitable infrastructure like laboratories, drug/investigational product storage, data management, for the efficient prosecution of scientific and technological research.
  10. To serve as a National Reference Centre for preclinical and clinical research.
  11. To receive donations, subscriptions and endowments for the purpose of society.
  12. To construct, maintain, improve, develop and alter any buildings, houses or other works necessary or convenient for the purpose of the society.