Social Innovation Immersion Programme Fellowships (SIIP)


THSTI is recruiting a cross-disciplinary team of innovators consisting of 4 members with backgrounds in Engineering, Technology, Design, Medicine, Community Health, or Social Work. Candidates should indicate an aptitude to relate and adapt to healthcare systems across differing degrees of resources, patient populations and community settings. Preference will be given to candidates who have a track record of involvement or experience in social work or public health. Applicants demonstrating innovation initiatives in rural and community medicine, non-governmental organizations and frugal or affordable innovation, design, product or service development will have a competitive advantage.

The institute invites applications at post-graduate (M.Sc./M.Tech./ M.B.B.S.) post-doctoral (M.D./Ph.D.) levels.In exceptional cases, Bachelors level candidates or those from non-technical (e.g. social work or MBA) backgrounds may also be considered. Applications from qualified women candidates are encouraged as we envision that they will add to the strength of the team working in the MCH arena.