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Iyba Fellow
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Areas of Expertise

·       In vitro SELEX and Aptamer Technology

·       Affordable diagnostics

·       Electrochemical sensors and

·       Nanomaterials based Biosensors



Research Interests/ Research Summary

Our group is primarily focusing on

·      Development of Aptamer based rapid diagnostic test for infectious disease, pollutants and toxins.

·      Application of nanomaterials for diagnostics and therapeutics. 

·      Aptamer based therapeutics 

 For complete list of publication please visit Google Scholar Profile

* Represent publication as corresponding author

  1. Dhiman A.; Tripathi K.;Haldar S.; Sharma, T. K *, Tyagi J. S.  Selection of DNA aptamers targeting HspX biomarker for the diagnosis of Tuberculous Meningitis using    

       SELEX, biophysical and in silico strategies 2017  submitted to Scientific Reports

  2.    Sharma, T. K.*; Bruno J.G.; Dhiman, A. ABC of DNA aptamers and related assay developments . Biotechnology Advances 35 (2017) 275–301 IF-11.8

  3.     Dhiman A.; Kalra P.;Bruno J.G.; Sharma, T. K*. Aptamer based point-of-care diagnostic platforms Sensors and Actuators B 246 (2017) 535–553  IF-5.0

  4.  Sharma, T. K.*; Bruno J.G.; Cho W. The point behind translation of aptamers for point-of-care diagnosticsAptamers and Synthetic Antibodies,2(2): 36-42.

  5.      Gupta  M.;  Mathur, S.; Sharma, T. K.; Rana M.; Navani N.K.; Pathania, R.  A study on metabolic prowess of Pseudomonas sp. RPT 52 to degrade imidacloprid, endosulfan and coragen. J. Hazardous Material 2016, 30, 250-258 IF-6.0         

  6.       Sahkir, M.; Jolly, R.; Khan, M. S.; Iram, N.;  Sharma, T. K.; Alresayes, S. I. Synthesis and characterization of a nano-hydroxyapatite/chitosan/polyethylene glycol nanocomposite for bone tissue engineering. Polymer Advanced Technologies, 2015, 26, 41-48DOI: 10.1002/pat.3417 IF-2.0

  7.     Lambadi, P. R.; Sharma, T. K.$; Kumar P.; Vasnani, P.; Mouli, S. R.; Bisht N.; Pathania, R.; Navani, N. K. Facile bio-functionalization of silver nanoparticles for enhanced antibacterial properties, endotoxin removal and biofilm control. International Journal of Nanomedicine 2015,10, 2155-2177 Contributed Equally IF-5.034

  8.       Sharma, T. K.; Ramanathan. R.; Rakwal, R.; Agrawal, G. K.; Bansal, V. Moving forward in plant food safety and security through NanoBioSensors: Adopt or adapt biomedical technologies? Proteomics 2015, 10, 1680-1692 IF-4.09

 9.    *Sharma, T. K.; Ramanathan. R.;.; Mohammadtaheri, M.; Daima, H. K.; Shukla, R.; Bansal, V. Aptamer-mediated ‘turn-off/turn-on’ nanozyme activity of gold nanoparticles for kanamycin detection. Chemical Communications 2014, 50, 15856-15859DOI-10.1039/C4CC07275Hfeatured on Cover Page IF-6.3

10.    Weerathunge, P Ramanathan. R.; Shukla, R.; *Sharma, T. K.; Bansal, V. Aptamer-controlled reversible inhibition of gold nanozyme activity for pesticide sensing. Analytical Chemistry 201486 (24), pp 11937–11941. DOI: 10.1021/ac5028726featured on Cover Page  IF-6.3

11.    Chopra, A.; Shukla, R.; *Sharma, T. K. Aptamers as an emerging player in Biology. Aptamers and Synthetic Antibodies 2014, 1(1): 1-11). Inaugural issue

12.    *Sharma, T. K.; Shukla, R. Nucleic acid aptamers as an emerging diagnostic tool for animal pathogens. Advances in Animal and Veterinary Sciences2014, 2(1) 50-55. IF-1.0

13.    *Sharma, T. K.; Shukla, R. Editorial Nanoscience and Aptamer Technology for Point of Care Diagnostics. Nanoscience and Technology2014, 1(2) 1-2. Editorial

14.    Ghosh, I. N.; Patil , S.D. Sharma, T. K.; Shrivastava, S. K.; Pathania, R.; Navani, N. K. Synergistic action of cinnamaldehyde with silver nanoparticles against spore-forming bacteria: a case for judicious use of silver nanoparticles for antibacterial applications. International Journal of Nanomedicine 2013, 8: 4721 IF-5.034

15.    Lange, M. J.; Sharma, T. K.; Whatley, A. S.; Landon, L. A.; Tempesta, M. A.; Johnson M. C.; Burke, D. H.  Robust suppression of HIV replication by intracellularly expressed reverse transcriptase aptamers is independent of ribozyme processing. Molecular Therapy (Nature Publishing Group) 2012, 20(12): 2304-2314. IF-6.82

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17.    Sharma, T. K.;Chopra A.; Sapra M.; Kumanwat D.; Pathania, R.; Navani, N. K.; Green synthesis and antimicrobial potential of silver nanoparticles. International Journal of Green Nanotechnology2012, 4(1), 1-16.


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1.Novel DNA aptamers against nucleoid-associated protein HupB of Mycobacterium tuberculosis and uses thereof.Patent Number 201711001246

2. Isolated single stranded polynucleotides (Aptamers) and uses thereof in diagnosis and treatment of Tuberculous Meningitis Patent Number 201611021901

3.  Aptamer based system and method for the diagnosis of Tuberculous Meningitis (TBM) Patent Number 201611001550 

2016          DBT Innovative Young Biotechnologist Award (IYBA)

2014          Australian Endeavour Research Award (Commonwealth of Australia)

2014          Indo-Australian Career Boosting Research Fellowship (DBT-India and Australian Research Council)-Not Availed

2014          Indo-Finnish Diagnostic Fellowship (DBT-India and Government of Finland) -Not Availed

2012          Innovation Award, Department of Biotechnology- Govt. of India

2010          Visiting Research Fellowship- National Institute of Health- USA

2009          National Doctoral Fellowship (AICTE-India)

2007          National Eligibility Test (Eligibility for Lectureship) cum Junior Research Fellowship