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Dean (clinical Research), Head-pbc, Coordinator-cbd
+91-129-2876351  (+91-129-2876551)
shinjini.bhatnagar [at] thsti [dot] res [dot] in
Ph.D. (Pediatrics), All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi
Diplomate National Board (MD Pediatrics), All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi
MBBS, Lady Hardinge Medical College, University of Delhi

Present Research Interest

As a Senior Research Scientist and Pediatric Gastroenterologist at the Centre for Diarrheal Diseases and Nutrition Research, Department of Pediatrics, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, we conducted hypothesis driven studies that evaluated interventions directed at host responses in morbidity related to infections. Our research was primarily to facilitate evidence based recommendations in child health for global and national policy; algorithm for treatment of persistent diarrhea, low osmolarity oral rehydration salts solution and zinc in treatment of diarrhea. We participated in developing the clinical and research discipline of Pediatric Gastroenterology at AIIMS.

Current Research Interest

The predominant direction of our research is to conduct hypothesis driven and hypothesis generating studies that will facilitate development of knowledge based interventions and public health tools for child health. The broad focus is in the domain of molecular mechanistic causality of neonatal and infant infections particularly with reference to host responses and the potential interventions. Components of the immune system may be permanently programmed by events in fetal and early peri-or neonatal life which would have post-natal consequences. In order to study this hypothesis further we are doing immunological characterization of cord blood and early infancy, in full-term appropriate- and small-for-gestational age neonates, to examine the status of immune system maturation in a situation of intrauterine growth retardation; we are also evaluating other potential modifiers of the immune system maturation and development. Our other immediate objective is to understand if micronutrient supplementation or modification of the host gut flora can affect the host immune response to vaccines in early post natal life; an important public health issue in our country and other low and middle income settings where the efficacy of oral vaccines is poor.

In India, more than a quarter of the one million neonatal deaths are attributed to serious bacterial infections that include pneumonia, sepsis and meningitis. These severe infections are also a major cause of hospitalization in young infants. The outcomes of these infections in early infancy are poor. Interventions that can immediately improve the efficacy of existing standard therapy of serious bacterial infection in low resource settings are a high priority. We propose to study the biology of serious bacterial infections and evaluate interventions that can influence host responses to infections. As an immediate objective we propose to study the possible effects of micronutrients on host responses in infections amongst young infants.

Poor responses to vaccines in developing countries have impeded attempts at disease eradication or control. An initial program in this domain is to evaluate if micronutrients supplementation or factors that alter intestinal flora influence host immune responses to vaccines given at birth.

Another research focus is to develop diagnostics and low cost health products for childhood diseases. As an initial step in that direction we are developing a rapid in-house point of care test for diagnosis of celiac disease (CD) in partnership with International Centre for Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology, All India Institute of Medical Sciences and an industry.

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  • Member National Academy of Sciences
  • Member National Academy of Medical Sciences
  • Fellow National Academy of Sciences
  • WHO Temporary Advisor for research in childhood diarrheal diseases
  • Recognition for research in Pediatric Gastroenterology at 2nd World Congress of Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology & Nutrition
  • Hotam Tomar Gold Medal in recognition of excellent scientific contribution and services in Paediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition
  • Dr. ST Achar Gold Medal Award for Research in Child Health