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Assistant Professor
+91-129-2876358  (+91-129-2876358)
nkumar [at] thsti [dot] res [dot] in
Master of Science (Biotechnology) from Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee (IITR)
PhD (Biotechnology) from National Institute for Cellular Biotechnology (NICB), Dublin City University, Ireland

Research Interests

Biomarker discovery, recombinant protein production and diagnostic development

Research Summary

I am highly interested in identification and validation of novel biomarkers for efficient, affordable and early-diagnosis of human diseases. I am equally interested to understand bioprocess to improve industrial production of recombinant proteins for diagnostics and/or therapeutic use.

OMICS has been the tool of my interest for the purpose.


Research Experience

a. Postdoctoral Researcher at Institute of Applied Microbiology, BOKU, Vienna, Austria

Area of Research

- Cell line and Process development (collaborative project with Pfizer and Lonza Biologics)

- Biomarker discovery for regulated cell growth


b. Postdoctoral Researcher at Dublin City University, Dublin, Ireland

Area of Research

- Cell line and Process development (collaborative project with Pfizer)

- Biomarker discovery for breast cancer


Scientific Contributions

I have identified a list of proteins and miRNAs that are involved in regulation of cell growth and hypoxic conditions. This may be important to understand the biology of various cell proliferation associated disorders, such as cancer and aging, as well as development of host cell line for efficient recombinant protein production.

Research Articles

  • Majood M, Arora S, Kumar S, Sharma C, Bhatnagar S, Chaudhuri S, Kumar N. Impact of microvesicles over cell growth and recombinant protein production from CHO cells. BMC Proceedings. 2018. (Conference Paper).

  • Kumar N, Gupta DG, Kumar S, Maurya P, Tiwari A, Mathew B, Banerjee S, Haldar S, Pillai P, Bhatnagar S* and Chaudhuri S*. Exploring Packaged Microvesicle Proteome Composition of Chinese Hamster Ovary Secretome. J Bioprocess Biotech. 2016. (*Contributed equally).

  • Chaudhuri S, Maurya P, Kaur M, Tiwari A, Borth N, Bhatnagar S*, Kumar N*. Investigation of CHO Secretome: Potential Way to Improve Recombinant Protein Production from Bioprocess. J Bioprocess Biotech. 2015. (*Contributed equally).

  • Sharma C, Sankhyan A, Sharma T, Khan N, Chaudhuri S, Kumar N, Bhatnagar S, Khanna N, Tiwari A. A repertoire of high-affinity monoclonal antibodies specific to S. typhi: as potential candidate for improved typhoid diagnostic. Immunol Res. 2015.

  • Kumar N, Borth N. Flow-cytometry and Cell sorting: An efficient approach to investigate productivity and cell physiology in mammalian cell factories. Methods. 2012.

  • Taschwer M, Hackl M, Hernández Bort JA, Leitner C, Kumar N, Puc U, Grass J, Papst M, Kunert R, Altmann F, Borth N. Growth, productivity and protein glycosylation in a CHO EpoFc producer cell line adapted to glutamine-free growth. J Biotechnol. 2012.

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  • Kumar N, Sanchez N, Gammell P, Dowling P, Henry M, Meleady P, Barron N, Clynes M. Proteomic Profiling of Temperature-Shifted CHO Cells to Identify Genes that Impact on Both Cell Growth and Recombinant Protein Productivity in Suspension Culture. ESACT Proceedings (Springer Publication). 2009.

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  • Kumar N, Gammell P, Clynes M. Proliferation control strategies to improve productivity and survival during CHO based production culture: A summary of recent methods employed and the effects of proliferation control in product secreting CHO cell lines. Cytotechnology. 2007.

  • Gammell P, Barron N, Kumar N, Clynes M. Initial identification of low temperature and culture stage induction of miRNA expression in suspension CHO-K1 cells. J Biotechnol. 2007.



Maurya P and Kumar N. Proteomics tools in Breast Cancer Research. Lambert Academic Publishing House. 2012.





  • Kumar N, Sharma C, Chaudhuri S, Rathore DK, Kumar S, Pillai J, Bhatnagar S. Flow-cytometry based rapid method of testing antimicrobial drug susceptibility and resistance in biological fluids. Application No.: 201711046980. 

  • Kumar N, Chaudhuri S, Tiwari A. Method of improving stability of recombinant protein product in CHO batch culture by selective removal of metalloproteinase rich microvesicular fractions and uses thereof. Application No: 2290/DEL/2015




  • AMR Diagnostics: Development of test for rapid pathogen identification and phenotypic antimicrobial susceptibility testing using biological samples

  • Differential Diagnosis of Bacterial Pneumonia and their antibiotic resistance

  • Development of a highly specific finger-prick whole blood compatible POC strip test 'Ezy-Typ' for Typhoid diagnosis


  • Won second prize as Faculty-Entrepreneur under Faculty-lead Start-up Category at National Start-up Summit 2017 organized at India International Science Festival 2017, Chennai by the Government of India and Vijnana Bharati (VIBHA) along with other ministries/departments including AICTE, DST, DBT, CSIR, ISRO, DAE, DRDO and ICAR. 



Co-Founder Director

Tritek Innovation Pvt. Ltd. (a first faculty start-up under any DBT institution aimed to translate diagnostic research leads into product and/or services for human welfare)




  • Mr. Srikant Kumar (Tech. Assistant)
  • Mr. Manoj Kumar (Technician)