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Assistant Professor
bhabatosh [at] thsti [dot] res [dot] in
2017: JSPS Fellow, Osaka University, Japan
2008-2011: CNRS Fellow, The Institute of Integrative Biology of the Cell, France
2006-2008: CSIR Research Fellow, Indian Institute of Chemical Biology, India
2003-2006: ICMR Research Fellow, Indian Institute of Chemical Biology, India
2001-2003: M.Tech., Biotech. & Biochem. Eng., IIT-Kharagpur, India

My current research focus is oriented to understand-

(i) The ecological principles of the microbial communities inhibiting in the human body and their role in health and diseases.

(iii) Role of gut microbiota in the emergence and spread of multidrug resistant (MDR) enteric pathogens.

(ii) How to resensitize MDR pathogens and commensal gut microbiota against routinely used antibiotics.



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Book/Book Chapter

  • eBook (2017): Filamentous Bacteriophage in Bio/Nano/Technology, Bacterial Pathogenesis and Ecology. Edited by: Jasna Rakonjac, Bhabatosh Das, Ratmir Derda. Publisher: Frontiers Media SA. ISBN: 9782889450954
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  • BMGF Travel Grant Award to attend 52nd US-Japan Joint Panel Conference on Cholera and Other Bacterial Enteric Infections (2018)

  • Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) Invitational Fellowship Award (2017). 

  • Invited Member in World Health Organization (WHO) Expert Group for Developing “Target Product Profile for cholera Rapid Diagnostic Tests, 2017
  • Young Investigator Award (1st prize) from Yakult India Microbiota and Probiotic Science Foundation, 2016

Adjunct Visiting Faculty at Kasturba Medical College, Manipal University, Manipal

Editorial Board Member

  • Frontiers in Microbiology

            (Nature publishing group)

  • Microbial Ecology