Pediatric Biology Centre (PBC)

Research PBC

Research Programs:
Carefully chosen domains are being developed at PBC to support its research programs and roadmap.

Domain areas to be developed at PBC
  • 1. Biology of Vaccine Immunogenicity
  • 2. Characterization of the immune system in neonates and infants
  • 3. Appropriate technology development network and coordination
  • 1. Diagnostics for childhood illnesses
  • 2. Low cost devices and health products for infants and children
Domain areas to be developed at PBC

THSTI will accept graduate students at the Pediatric Biology Centre for interdisciplinary as well as disciplinary doctoral programs in clinical research, epidemiology and fundamental biology.


The goal of the Pediatric Biology Centre (PBC) is to serve as an interdisciplinary research center where research on the biological basis of childhood health and disease leads to the creation of knowledge-driven interventions and technologies that can be sustainably implemented. This cross-disciplinary platform will bridge expertise from fields like pediatrics, infectious disease biology, epidemiology, microbiology, immunology, platform technologies, cell & molecular biology and systems biology to achieve this goal.