Dr. Amit Kumar Yadav obtained his Ph.D. in Biotechnology (Computational Biology) from Pune University working at CSIR-IGIB on proteome informatics of mass spectrometry based data. He has about 10 years of experience working in mass spectrometry informatics. During his Ph.D., he worked on developing a novel algorithm, MassWiz, for peptide identification from mass spectrometry data. MassWiz is the first algorithm to integrate mass accuracy, intensity and ion-series-continuity of a mass spectrum into the scoring algorithm. This work later inspired several new algorithms utilizing similar chemical features. MassWiz has been downloaded >2000 times across the world. It is an open-source, free resource to scientific community. After completing Ph.D. in 2012, Amit pursued a short one-year post-doctoral stint in the same lab, working on significance assessment of peptide identifications and integration of multiple search algorithm results to increase sensitivity and specificity. He developed Proteome Analyst, an integrated analysis suite leveraging several algorithms (FlexiFDR, ProteoStats and Protein Assembler). This work was recognized for its innovative potential by the MIT TR35 award (2013), which is given annually to top 20 innovators under the age of 35 in India. He joined DDRC in 2013 to build a computational mass spectrometry team that focuses on post-translational modifications (PTMs), their interactions and crosstalk in driving protein activity, protein-protein interaction (PPI) networks, and evolution of biological networks in health and disease. He develops computational methodologies for analysis of complex multi-dimensional mass spectrometry data, and also participates in employing systems based approaches for data analysis and interpretation.

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