Synthetic & Medicinal Chemistry

Synthetic & Medicinal Chemistry

This group supports the ongoing drug discovery and development efforts at DDRC. Medicinal chemistry contributes basic understanding and expertise towards early and late pre-clinical drug development. The focus spans around identification of hit for newly identified targets; optimization of hits to identify a lead with drug like properties; and further optimization of lead to identify a candidate for Investigational New Drug (IND) studies; followed by process optimizations of the lead candidates. The early pre-clinical activities involve intense discussions and dynamic interactions with our teams of structural biologists, computational biologists, molecular biologists, pharmacologists and collaborating clinicians. Key safety issues are addressed upfront when striving for high potency during design or synthesis of target molecules. The basic understanding such as key pharmacophore based on SAR; liabilities associated with ligand structure (ADME optimization); target or off target based potential safety issues, assist our focus on designing of new molecules and their synthesis in the laboratory. This approach optimizes the success rate in our efforts from hit identification to IND candidate identification.

New target identification is another key mandate of DDRC, where the Discovery research teams combine high-throughput experimental strategies with system biology based approaches for identifying novel drug targets. Here the Medicinal chemistry team lends support to these early stage activities by providing chemical tools/ligands to study, elucidate or validate novel targets or biochemical pathways.

Another focus of the team is to develop new synthetic methodologies and processes for cost efficient synthesis for target molecules of interest i.e. new identified leads, existing APIs or natural products.


  • Bucchi Rotavapors
  • HPLC System
  • UPLC System
  • Combi-Flash Separation Systems
  • LC-MS Mass spectrometer
  • NMR

The Team

  • Dinesh Mahajan (PhD),Scientist E
  • Varun Kumar (PhD),Medicinal Chemistry Associate
  • Chhuttan Lal Meena (PhD),Senior Research Chemist
  • Anil Kumar Rana (M Pharma),Research Chemist
  • Anamika Thakur (M Pharma),Research Chemist
  • Lata (M Pharma),JRF
  • Nidhi Sharma,Technical Assistant