New Target Discovery

New Target Discovery

The focus of this team is to adopt innovative experimental approaches to dissect disease-specific mechanisms, with the aim of identifying new targets for drug development. A range of methodologies are integrated in this endeavour. These include combining high-throughput RNAi screens with the techniques of cell and molecular biology, and analysis of molecular perturbations by quantitative mass spectrometry. Synthesis of the cumulative data through systems-level perspectives affords insights into the key drivers of disease-specific perturbations, and potential targets for drug development.

The above efforts are also complemented through biochemical, biophysical, and structural characterization of target proteins. To this end the group incorporates capabilities for cloning, expression, and purification of proteins. Biophysical characterizationr of purified proteins, and protein ligand interactions, is achieved through techniques such as Surface Plasmon Resonance and Isothermal Titration Calorimetry. Finally a strong expertise in structural biology facilitates X-ray crystal structure elucidation of protein, protein-ligand, and protein-protein complexes.


  • AKTA Pure Protein Purification System
  • Mosquito Crystallization Robot
  • SPR BiaCore T200

The Team

  • Sameena Khan (PhD), INSPIRE Faculty
  • Sudha (PhD), Research Associate
  • Nishant Varshney (PhD), Research associate
  • Kanika Singh (M.Tech),Senior Research Fellow
  • Ishita Gupta (M.Tech.), SPM Fellow
  • Vikas D. Dubey (M.Sc.), Technical Assistant
  • Ankit Gupta(M.Tech), Junior Research Fellow
  • Ashish Sarkar (B.Tech), Lab Technician
  • Hem Chandra Joshi (PGD), Lab Technician
  • Hariom Kumar, Lab Assistant