High Content Screening

High Content Screening (HCS)

The High Content Screening (HCS) unit is focused towards drug discovery and development pipeline, catering towards stage specific applications of preclinical drug discovery at DDRC. Employing the latest from HCS technology’s in-house (INCell6000/EVO200), some of the major activities performed by HCS Team spans from conducting primary screening of chemical libraries on cell based systems with an aim to identify novel chemical entities, to developing highly sensitive assay systems. The screening modules adopted can facilitate either target based or phenotype based drug discovery. Following the pipeline, the unit also plays role in validating and optimizing the lead molecules. Coupled with screening, we also develop biological disease models of translational significance to DDRC, analogously developing sensitive and robust readout assays relevant to the systems. Using the in-built software programmes, the multiparamentric data is translated to biological significance that helps DDRC in moving forward on potential drug like molecules. The team also is involved in cataloguing and maintaining chemical libraries and cell bank at DDRC


  • High Content Analyser (IN Cell 6000)
  • Robotic Liquid Handling Platform (EVO200)
  • Luminex System (Magpix)
  • Class II Biosafety Facility

The Team

  • Shilpa Jamwal (PhD),

    Scientist C

  • Zaved Siddiqui (MSc),

    Senior Cell Technologist

  • Farzana Perveen (MSc),

    Junior Research Fellow

  • Saurabh Vaishnav (MSc),

    Technical Assistant

  • Ganga Sagar (BTech),

    Technical Assistant

  • Ghanshyam (PGD),

    Technical Assistant

  • Sandeep Kumar,

    Lab Assistant