Cardio Metabolism Group

Cardio Metabolism Group

This team investigates the molecular and genetic mechanisms of cardiovascular and metabolic disorders. The aim is to elucidate the functional role of genes of unknown function, and find novel targets for cardiac diseases and metabolic disorder. The role of human gene mutations in cardiac function is also being explored, with the goal of identifying the genetic, biochemical, cellular and biophysical pathways that lead from mutation to disease. Currently, several targets like SGLT1, TLR4, VDR and SIRT1 are being evaluated in cellular systems, as well as in small animal models. The team also assesses the therapeutic efficacy of select nutritional and pharmacological agents against diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, and their potential for application in humans. The overall goal is to bridge the gap between observations in the basic research laboratory and the clinical bedside.

The Team

  • Sanjay Banerjee (PhD),

    Scientist E

  • Hina Lateef Nazmi (MSc),

    Senior Research Fellow

  • Parameshwar Katare (MSc),

    Senior Research Fellow

  • Bugga Paramesha (MSc),

    Senior Research Fellow

  • Soheb M Anwar (MSc),

    Senior Research Fellow

  • Shankarsen Bhattacharrya (MSc),

    Junior Research Fellow

  • Roshan Kumar,

    Technical Assistant

  • Sitesh Jana,

    Lab Technician