Centre for Bio-design & Diagnostics (CBD)

Research CBD

The centre's research work since inception has been largely in

  • In-vitro diagnostics.
  • Rapid, simple and sensitive test modules for multiplex testing of infectious disease in blood banks.
  • Developing a Rapid Test for Diagnosis of Celiac Disease (CD).
  • Novel sample processing for the simple and rapid diagnosis of TB, MDR-TB and XDR-TB.
  • Development of human recombinant antibody library platform.
  • Multi-analyte assay for acute coronary syndrome (ACS) diagnostics.
  • Diagnostic assay for KIM-1: Human Urinary Renal Dysfunction Biomarker.
  • Identification of Novel Protein Biomarkers for early diagnosis of pregnant women at the risk of preterm birth.
  • Development of a diagnostic panel for Acute Febrile Illness.
  • Development of a technology platform for simple and efficient production of recombinant antibodies.